DTS JesusHere I am, about to turn 50 years old, and the last thing I would have expected is to be returning to school. But such is the case. The Calvary Church Session approved my course of study for the doctor of ministries program at Dallas Theological Seminary.

My reason for returning is rather simple. Calvary Church needs a God-directed, well-thought out, and systematic, church-wide process for making disciples. Afterall, the Great Commission essentially commands us to be and make followers of Christ. At the moment, Calvary does not have a church-wide strategy to grow disciples. One person said that our strategy to date has been, “Grow on your own.”

Calvary needs to be a disciple-making church; and I need the equipping to know how to help implement such changes over the next years at Calvary.

I have a course of study charted over the next four years, but I suspect that the road will hold many yet unknown surprises. In fact, I am sure of that. As I pray, I sense the Lord showing me that the next few years will be the most difficult of my life.

Bilbo and Frodo Baggins left the Shire on journies that found them. And so with this journey. It has found me. I leave the Shire with a measure of sober fear, but also with expectation that comes with faith.