sag_harbor_01_2009_222Drove around Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton today. So many memories. I remember this storefront as Cap Amundsen’s studio. He passed away a long time ago, I would think. His paintings still command quite a price.

Here are other shots from around town as well as Bridgehampton beach. The Whaler’s Museum appears quite run down now. Right across the street is the Jermain Public Library where I spent many rainy days reading books. Mashashimuet Park is where we spent many afternoons on the swings, seesaw, and “merry-go-round.” Across from the park is the famous duck pond where you can no longer feed the ducks because the ducks have become environmentally sensitive.

Check out the whole set with new pictures at flickr.

Check out the video of the beach at Bridgehampton.