kindleDrove to Florida last Thursday to see Mom and Dad. Drove home Sunday. Zipping up and down I-95.

What does one do with eleven uninterrupted hours alone in a VW Beetle? Read! That’s right, read. Yes, that was me swerving all over the road. No, it’s not because I was reading. I swerve because I am an old dangerous driver and proud of it. Hey, I was in Florida, what do you expect?

(And for those of you overly concerned… the Kindle actually reads to me.)

I’ve been plowing my way through Edward Schein’s amazingly boring tome, Orgainizational Culture and Leadership. But I have not been holding a book in front of my face while driving. I have a Kindle from Amazon, which actually reads to me page by page with an electronic voice that sounds like it was trained by an English toaster.

The technology is good, but there are still a few bugs. Unfortunately, much of Schein’s work refers to the now defunkt DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation). For some reason, I couldn’t figure out why the month of “December” was placed so randomly throughout Schein’s text.

When I looked at the screen, I realized that the electronic voice was sometimes saying “DEC” (DECK) and sometimes saying “December” (DEC). The problem was, there was no consistency.

Reading charts is similarly frustrating. All the words come out right, but the concept of cells makes no sense, so consequently hearing a chart read out loud is much like listening to an ADD auctioneer.

It was a long trip.