Dear Ethan,

Bear has been looking for answers to some of life’s most difficult questions. You will find that life is filled with many more questions than there are answers. So, learning the questions is very, very important.

A question might be: “When do I get to eat next, Mom?” or “Why is it taking you so long to change my diaper?”

Some questions are very easy to answer: “What tastes better, ice cream or lettuce?”

But other questions are pretty near imponderable: “How do girls think?”

Then there are some questions that sound like they make sense, but really make no sense at all: “What does blue taste like?” These are called “category mistakes” because in this case you mixed the categories of taste and color. “How old is God?” is another one of those questions, but just remember that God is real, He loves you, and He is even older than Grandpa.

Bear has questions too. He is looking to understand quantum physics and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. He met Dr. Einstein, who gave him an explanation.

Vell, you see, Herr Bear, for zee longest time I kept zinking: E=MB².

Zen I explained zee situation to Frau Einstein und she says, “Oh, I see!”

Und zo vas born mine “fear of relatives.”

It’s okay to ask more questions when you don’t understand the answers. Questions are ways we explore the world kind of like the way spaceships explore the universe. So, you make sure to ask all your questions.

You might want to start with this one: “Hey, Mom, how long do I have to stay in this boring crib? There is a world to explore!”

Grandpa and Bear