img_7007We moved the office again. This has been the fourth office in the last two years. It’s a good thing for sure, but moves, even when they are only five doors down into bigger space, are always a challenge. You think it will take two hours, but it’s usually two weeks. That is especially true when moving five doors down. Why pack? Just wheel the stuff over, right?

Then comes the sorting, the tossing, the “I don’t know what to do with this thing.”

Lifting, hanging, picking up, putting down, wheeling carts and don’t forget the coffee machine!!

But, this is a good move to a place a little bigger. Charlotte Awake continues to bunk in with our good friends, “People of the Second Chance.” I think by now we have used up all our chances, but they remain gracious and a model of what it means to serve the Lord.

We also share space, that now includes a warehouse, with a moving company called something like, “Two College Hunks and a Truck.” I’ve seen the truck, but I haven’t seen the college hunks yet– not that I am looking for them.

So, we are all together, brothers and sisters in Christ sharing an office space, living out the gospel, and pretending we are living in the millennial kingdom.

The coffee machine made it. One of the two microwaves made it. The toaster even made it, though tucked away somewhere. I can’t find the key to my desk, and yes, there are things in there. I don’t remember what, but there are things in there.

And for the time being, I share an office with Amanda that feels more open. It’s a place of subdued lighting, peace, prayer, and thinking–an introvert’s heaven.